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Painting of escapism by Karley Feaver
David, Banker
Acrylic on canvas
450 x 450mm

David is self-described as gregarious and eclectic.  He is not your typical blue collared corporate, he is eclectic in his dress sense as well as his personality. He’s the type of person that is not afraid to wear a bright patterned tie with a tan plaid suit. Expressing his personality through his clothes is essential for David’s work attire.

The word escapism to David means escaping from boring or stressful situations, to a better place, away from reality. So when David needs to escape he prefers to relax with a book. In summer, this place is outside on the deck, under an umbrella. In the
winter, its taking a hot bath. This is calming and as far away from the corporate world he can get without physically leaving to go to another place.

However, in times of stress or hardship, David likes to imagine himself sitting in a café in Paris. He pretends he is a famous writer sitting at a table on the pavement, sipping a French aperitif, watching the world walk past.

He likes to day-dream, and often finds himself dreaming about things he would rather be doing or places he would rather be. When I ask David if he has an indulgence or an addiction, he says “ No, I am very balanced. I like to indulge myself in everything. As I get older my tastes get more expensive”.

I felt David was slightly nervous during the interview. He seemed unsure as to how much he should reveal to me. I guess its harder to reveal this sort of information to someone you know, you might not want that person to see that side of you. I can completely understand. However, maybe he was also afraid at what other people might think of him when reading his story. Although I know he was being truthful, I felt he held back on some of his answers.