Photo of taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Strange and marvellous things, flushed beaks, flamboyant plumes and elaborate displays. Karley Feaver’s art transports you into a world of exotic creatures filled with odd familiarities and strangeness. Using the animal form as a symbol of escape, freedom and migration, her works are not a creation of total imagination, but a projection of reality in an absurd form.

Karley’s work challenges the common aversion towards taxidermy in the home by introducing abstract forms that blur the lines between traditional taxidermy and modern sculpture. The works intend to break morbid perceptions of taxidermy and replace them with more life-affirming connections.

Feaver’s works exist in states of perpetual transformation, showing nature’s ability to survive by adapting, mutating and adjusting to their current environment. The causes of behaviour and human experience are complex and include elements that are biological, psychological, social, contextual, and even spiritual. Environmental and emotional flexibility gives humans and animals the opportunity to adjust to changes during their own lifetime.

Her works are simultaneously poetic and vexing, they express the ambivalence of life and take you on a profound journey of self-discovery by tapping in to your emotions.

Karley's works are held in the James Wallace Arts Trust collection, Westpac New Zealand's corporate collection and in private collections in the UK, USA, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Disclaimer: The animals Karley uses are ethically sourced and have died of natural causes. None are harmed for the sake of creating art.