Portfolio > Interviews with Escapists (2011)

Painting of escapism by Karley Feaver
Clive, Barrister / Artist
Acrylic on canvas
450 x 450mm

I wanted to interview Clive because I thought he would appreciate what I am doing,
being a fellow artist. Thankfully I was right. We met for a drink on a sunny afternoon, I could tell he was slightly nervous, but so was I. He is only the second person I have interviewed.

Clive is a very calm and relaxed person. He gives me the impression has a very gentle nature. The word escapism to Clive means “going from one existential plane to
another. From reality to another world. It is the fantasy or the unreal”. When I ask Clive what kind of escapism he has indulged in lately he couldn’t think of anything. I guess if you are not conscious about doing something as a means of escape, I can understand why he found it difficult to answer to think of something.

In times of stress or hardship, Clive imagines himself to be “In a stress free and simple place”. Whether that’s on a beach or a tranquil lake in Canada. At this place he
imagines this is no one else there. Clive loves the sea and getting away from life, cities and people.

In the weekends, Clive likes to get out of town to his beach house. He has his artist studio here and says it is a very relaxing and therapeutic place to come. He shows me a bunch of his paintings on his iphone. He loves to paint landscapes, tranquil scenes and blue is a dominant colour in most of his paintings. He says he doesn’t necessarily paint to sell, he paints for himself because he enjoys it.

Clive sometimes thinks he can be too insular. “I can be seen as being removed or cold, however I am very comfortable with myself, with who I am and what I want to do”.